Fisheries & Livestock

•    Institutional Mechanism


The 17th BIMSTEC Ministerial Meeting (Colombo– virtual, 01 April 2021) decided to establish an Expert Group on Fisheries and Livestock to deal with issues pertaining to Fisheries & Livestock. 

The Second BIMSTEC Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture approved to include Fisheries and Livestock Sub-sector under the purview of the BIMSTEC Senior Officials on Agriculture (SOM-A) and BIMSTEC Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture (BAMM). 

Flow Chart for reporting and decision-making mechanisms of the BIMSTEC Agricultural Cooperation


•    Activities 

Before the rationalization of sectors, activities under the Fisheries sector were led by Thailand. A number of activities were commenced to develop the fisheries in Bay of Bengal region. As instructed by the Leaders, a draft Plan of Action on BIMSTEC Fisheries and Livestock Cooperation is being developed to generate concrete project-based activities for the promotion of fisheries and livestock.

Concluded Projects under Fisheries sub-sector


#Title    Date    Venue
1.BIMSTEC Workshop on Fisheries Cooperation08-10 May 2007Phuket, Thailand
2.Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management in the Bay of Bengal12 December 2007Thailand
3.BIMSTEC Fisheries Meeting on Sustainable Fisheries in the Bay of Bengal20-22 January 2009Bangkok, Thailand 
4.BIMSTEC International Training Program on Ornamental Aquatic Plants Propagation    01-28 August 2010Thailand 
5.BIMSTEC International Training Program on Aquatic Plants Tissue Culture29 August - 27 September 2011Thailand 
6.BIMSTEC International Training Program on Aquatic Plants Soilless Culture and Post-Harvest Technology30 July - 28 August 2012Thailand 
7.BIMSTEC International Training Program on Advance Aquatic Plants Tissue Culture15 October – 13 November 2013Thailand 
8.International Training Workshop on Inland Aquaculture and Small-scale Inland Aquaculture Promotion for Fisheries Officers/Biologists from the BIMSTEC/IORA Member Countries04-17 March 2018Bangkok, Thailand