BIMSTEC Energy Centre



BIMSTEC Energy Centre (BEC)

  •   Bengaluru, India

The First BIMSTEC Energy Ministers Conference held on 04 October 2005 in New Delhi, agreed to the setting up of a BIMSTEC Energy Centre (BEC) to share experience in reforms, restructuring, regulation and best practice in the energy sector.


The First Meeting of the Governing Board of the BIMSTEC Energy Centre was held in Bengaluru, India, on 27 February 2023. The Centre is to be housed in the premises of the Central Power Research Institute in Bengaluru, India, and it will also function as the Secretariat of the BIMSTEC Grid Interconnection Coordination Committee.


Objectives of the Centre:


  • Coordinate, facilitate, and strengthen cooperation in the energy sector in the BIMSTEC region by promoting experience sharing and capacity building
  • Create, manage and evaluate energy-related data-base, relevant to the region, and take into view various on-going activities, and suggest a road map for meaningful intra-BIMSTEC cooperation
  • Prepare and operationalise a framework for networking among the national level institutions in the region
  • Prepare the groundwork, such as feasibility studies, data collection etc., for intra-BIMSTEC energy related projects
  • Study, compile, and disseminate the prevailing policies of the BIMSTEC member countries in different areas of energy sector
  • Enhance cooperation for capacity building and sharing of experiences on best practices, including reforms, regulation and energy efficiency
  • Function as the Secretariat for energy cooperation activities


Functions of BEC:


  • Research & Analysis of energy related statistics
  • Grid inter-connection
  • Transnational natural gas pipelines
  • Overall development of hydro potential and supply of energy to Member States
  • New and other renewable sources of energy
  • Efficient utilization of various energy resources and promotion of energy efficiency and conservations, capacity building for testing and laboratories and standards and labelling for promoting energy efficient appliances
  • Promotion of energy trade in the region for enhancing energy security
  • Cross country Investment promotion, both public and private in the energy sector
  • Promoting and developing infrastructure for training and human resource development


Contact Address :


Mr. Ghanshyam Prasad

Executive Director

BIMSTEC Energy Centre

Prof. Sir C.V. Raman Road, Post Box No: 8066

Sadasiva Nagar (P.O), Bengaluru, Pincode: 560080, India

Telephone: +91-26732201/2222