BIMSTEC Chairmanship

The Chairmanship of BIMSTEC rotates according to the alphabetical order of the English names of the Member States. The changeover of Chairmanship takes place during a Summit Meeting whereby the Member State chairing BIMSTEC hosts the Summit and hands over the Chairmanship to the Member State next in alphabetical order.


(a) The BIMSTEC Summit and related summits and retreats;

(b) The BIMSTEC Ministerial meetings;

(c) The BIMSTEC Senior Officials’ Meetings; and

(d) The BIMSTEC Permanent Working Committee 


The Member State holding the Chairmanship of BIMSTEC shall actively promote and enhance the interests of BIMSTEC through policy initiatives, coordination, consensus building and cooperation. The Chairman shall represent the organization to external partners

BIMSTEC Chairmanship Over the Years

1997-1999 -BANGLADESH
2000 - INDIA
2001-2002 - MYANMAR
2002-2003 - SRI LANKA
2004-2005 - THAILAND
2005-2006 - BANGLADESH
2006-2008 - INDIA
2009-2014 - MYANMAR
2015-AUG 2018 - NEPAL
30 MARCH 2022 - present : THAILAND